South Playfield Athletic Resources and Cages Project (SPARC)


WSHS baseball boosters have received approval to upgrade the South Playfield at WSHS—the area between the gym and SW Hanford St, sometimes mistaken as “a dog park.” As generations of ballplayers and their parents know, there is a shortage of places to practice hitting. While for-profit clubs do sell cage time, more neighborhood public options are needed. There is also a shortage of turfed field space. Under the joint use agreement with Seattle Parks, WSHS are sports routinely bumped by other users.

This project provides dedicated space for WSHS student athletes and kids from area rec leagues. It will increase public access, but most directly benefit WSHS students and teams. Principal Brian Vance and the School District are on board and boosters are energized. This is happening.

We have developed a site plan and drawings for sheltered hitting/pitching. WSHS baseball and softball will have priority during the season; rec leagues will have second priority. 

The South Playfield project is the first major undertaking of the West Seattle Baseball Group.  As you may know, the team practices and plays on the Hiawatha Playfield.  Hiawatha is run by the Seattle Parks Department, and often their scheduling means that the West Seattle High School baseball team has to vacate the field to accommodate others schedule to use the field.

The field directly south of the High School gym and locker rooms was always meant to be used by the High School for athletics.   This field is now mostly used as a community dog park. Given the need for a practice space for many West Seattle High School teams, including the baseball team, the softball team, the soccer teams, and others we feel it is time to properly configure the resource for it’s intended use.  This includes usage by not only the West Seattle High School baseball team, but other West Seattle High sports teams year round.

The cages and field upgrades will benefit WS ballplayers of all ages. This is a community-wide effort to increase affordable, public access to cages and practice fields. It’s a direct investment in one of WSHS’s crown jewels: the baseball program, which benefits the entire baseball ecosystem. It also adds to the overall quality of WSHS, increasing pride, improving learning opportunities, and attracting and motivating students. Excellent programs make excellent schools. This is our chance to add to the legacy.

Click here to donate to making this facility a reality for not only West Seattle baseball player, but also Softball players, as well as all the other WSHS teams that will be able to take advantage of a new place to improve their skills.

100 % of this donation goes to the development and construction of the South Playfield Athletic Resource and Cages (SPARC) for use by the West Seattle High School community. Funds are managed through the West Seattle Booster Club, a non-profit. Please provide your contact information if you would like an acknowledgment of your donation. Thank you for your support!


Construction of batting cages: